Limonaia Restaurant and Pizzeria is a company that comes from years of experience in the restaurant industry, driven by a passion for good food.


In the heart of Follonica and a short walk from the beach of the Gulf, the tables of Limonaia tell a story of evolving tradition.


Since its inception, Limonaia Restaurant and Pizzeria has embraced the cause of the quality and authenticity of the products, their territoriality and environmental protection. A position reached respecting and supporting the sustainable development criteria and environmental impact and time to the preservation of proper nutrition and improving the quality of life.


For the kitchen and the bakery uses only local suppliers with products as much as possible to km.zero service, including the various offerings menu organic menu aimed at vegetarians and vegans, special menu dedicated to food intolerances (such as gluten free foods) and various allergies, avoiding any possible contamination.


Why Limonaia Restaurant and Pizzeria? Choose Limonaia Restaurant and Pizzeria means the quality of raw materials, equipment, qualified personnel and materials. In addition, our Team ensures the creativity and innovation on the table at the service of tradition and short chain.


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Give the gift of dinner


You can choose among the proposals that we have prepared for you. Your guests will be notified via email and with a personal invitation in the mail with all the information needed for booking.

The gift will be accompanied by the chosen menu and any required messages from the sender.


 In any case, the choice of the meal is not strictly binding on the part of your guests who will have our full attention and availability to meet their requests or particular needs of a food.


Offer a Dinner is very simple, just call us at +39 347 54 01 972 or send an email to info@ristorantelimonaia.it; we will explain the proposals and terms of payment.


Our staff is at your disposal for any questions or special requests.